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Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray

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Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray

Eliminate fungal infection painlessly in 12 weeks!

Fungi thrive in warm, moist environments, so this kind of environment can cause them to overpopulate and cause fungal nail infection.

You can easily eliminate fungal infections with just a few sprays with Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray. It kills fungi cells on the nail bed and repair the fungal protective cell wall to prevent fungi to grow and reproduce again.

Here are our verified customers’ results about this product:

“I've sweaty feet and fungus nails are always bothering me. My doctor recommended this spray and this actually WORKS!!! Within 3 months, my toe is normal and healthy again.” – Maia E.

“I used this twice daily on my fungal toenail and it is clear and free of infection after 3 months! I am grateful that I found this spray early enough so the infection won't spread to other toes. I would definitely recommend to others who are suffering from fungal infection.” – Jeremy F.

Key Main Ingredients:
Undecylenic Acid is an antidote that treats skin fungal infections such as athlete's foot and jock itch. The compound of fatty acid regenerates the protective cell wall and prevents fungus from entering into the cell. 

Botanical Extract is scientifically proven to contain many healing properties and eliminates 96% of fungi and biomass production. 

“I had fungal toenail for a while now and OTC medicines didn't help much for me personally. My nails were thick, yellow and it's just awful. This was recommended by my friends and hope this works.”

“I’m on my second month and this stuff is excellent! The itchiness and thickness have reduced quite a look and I am happy with the results so far. Will keep spraying it twice a day."

“The infection is all gone after around 3 months of continuous use! Thanks to this spray, I don't have to be embarrassed to take my shoes off now! Would definitely recommend!"


  • Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray
    Effectively halt the growth and reproduction of fungal cells on toes and foot with the botanical chemical ingredients.
  • Kill Fungus Ease Irritation
    Helps relieve the itching, irritation, burning, cracking, and discomfort of finger, foot, and toe fungus.
  • Pain Relieve
    Deeply penetrate into the cell to deliver a direct medication to infections for an effective treatment.
  • Stinky Odor Control
    Adopts anti-bacterial properties to control odor accumulate by sweat and germs throughout the day.
  • Hydrate Skin
    Clinically proven to serve an intensive renewal on infection and fungal, preventing cracking and allowing healthy tissue re-growth.
How To Use:
1. Wash & dry the area of your application
2. Gently spray 3-4 pumps in the affected area, avoiding cuts/bleeding/damaged/healing wounds

  • Skin Compatibility: All Skin Type, Nail, Foot
  • Ingredients: Undecylenic Acid, Botanical Extract
  • Cosmetic Effects: Anti-Fungal, Hydrating, Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory
  • Net Content: 60 ml


  • 1 PC/ 2 PCS/ 5 PCS x Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray

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