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BellyOff Herbal TighteningSpray

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BellyOff Herbal TighteningSpray

What our happy customers say about BellyOff Herbal TighteningSpray

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Serena Carlson, 35, St. Paul, Minnesota 

“As a mum of triplets, saggy belly had been an issue for me and caused my low self-esteem. I have to be honest was not expecting much at first, but I am shocked I have lost 50lbs in only 5 months and my bigTummy is gone!! My husband can't stop complimenting on howSexy I am now!”

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Catalina Baker, 51, Richmond, Virginia

“I am 51 and the skin on my big tummy has beenSagging which is very unpleasant. I couldn't even tide my own shoelaces. I started using this about 6 month ago and have lost 60pounds already! it has done a wonderful tightening to my belly as well as my arms and chin. I’m so happy with the result. Very affordable and highly-rated product.”

How does BellyOff Tightening Spray work?

Our key ingredient -Wild Hawthorn has been wildly used in Asia countries as herbs in traditional weightLosing medicine as it's dissolves sub-dermal fatty layers efficiently. Studies prove that it helps to stimulate digestion and ramp up metabolism, thus reducing fat cells and cellulite accumulation. 

South Korean scientists report “antiobesity effects” based on tests using cultured cells and rodents. They say extracts improve the metabolism of lipids (fats) in the liver and adipose tissue, and “may potentially reduce lipid storage.” (1)

Whilst, our 2nd key ingredient: Mother Chrysanthemum, actively blocks the absorption of fat and sugar and helps suppress appetite. According to Dr. Hall's study, Mother Chrysanthemum increases blood circulation and flushes toxins out of the body, it can reduce up to 85% of bloating and swelling in 12 weeks of regular use.(2)



    ELOISE -- 30, Illinois--going through her 3rd month of treatment:

    “When I became pregnant in 2019 and started experiencing thyroid issue, I gained 80 pounds. When I had my daughter that September, I was my heaviest at 225 pounds.
    My life was a struggle as I had to take breaks going up just two flights of steps and I couldn't fit in most of my old clothes. I was severely depressed..”

    3 months ago, my friend recommended this spray to me, and it has absolutely changed my life. After applying this daily for a month, I've lost 20pounds with huge improvement of my saggy belly! The result really surprised me. I've tried like thousands of products before and none work like this.

    This is me today and I am more than satisfied! I reclaimed my waist, and my used-to-be-saggy tummy is no longer here! I feel so much healthier, lighter and more confident. Thank you so much for inventing this spray.

    • Skin Compatibility: All Skin Type
    • Content: 30 ml

    • 1 PC/ 2 PCS/ 5 PCS/ 10 PCS x BellyOff Tightening Spray

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