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Brow Styling Tinted Gel

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Brow Styling Tinted Gel

No more unfilled brows and be one of our happy customers!


                                                        5 HOURS LATER:I used this product as directed, and my brows do stay put and make a cleaner and fresher look after 5 hours of applying. I didn’t know a product like this existed! I stumbled on to it after searching for other brow products. My brows are so unruly and this helps it make a huge improvement on my face. First time using something like this but I’m already loving the way it makes my eyebrows look.

                                                     12 HOURS LATER:
When I read some reviews I was honestly not expecting it to work. It is tinted but not in the sense that it’ll make a huge noticeable difference in your brows color. Hold my brows even I’m at my 12 hour use. I like that my brows stay put all day and this is one of my top products for eyebrow.

                                                    24 HOURS LATER:
I’ve gotten everyone in my family to start using this product and it is so nice and naturally fleek. They seem to be impressed with my one day on-fleek brows lol. Great product, works well to hold brows in place, you can build on top of the product for extra hold. It does take some learning to get brows the way you like. It’s super easy to achieve the laminated look with this eyebrow gel. This is by far the best eyebrow product I have ever used!

What makes Brow Styling Tinted Gel special?
Styling gel adheres to skin and hairs creating a natural-shaped defined brow. Fuller, fluffier looking brows in a few buildable swipes.

These tinted eyebrow gel intensifies the brows, makes them look fuller and also fixes them. Specially coated colour pigments evenly surround the hairs and, if necessary, can be applied with a fine brush to fill in gaps or thin spots. Medium coverage and a matte finish provide a natural look without smudging.  It also helps to 'tidy up' your eyebrow hairs and keep the brows in place, just like hairspray is used to set your hair and keep the hairstyle secure and in place.

Unlike pencils and powders, which amp up sparse, tiny brows, eyebrow gels enhance your current situation without adding too much bulk or drama. For a wet hot American summer, clear brow gels are indispensable, as they can create some structure on an otherwise bare, laid-back face. This waterproof formula lasts up to 24 hours with unique and easy to use applicator.


“This eyebrow soap is very suitable for maintaining the shape of the eyebrows. For someone who has very little eyebrows, this worked really well in mine!” – Courtney U.

“Makes the gel slide easier and holds your eyebrows for longer. I like to use this first and then go in with my eyebrow pencil to add some depth. Thank you I love my new on fleek brows now.” – Anny B.

“This was my first time using this product or a product like this. I love it so much. It kept my brows completely in place until I washed it off. It didn’t flake or turn white.” – Margeret T.

“This do not have the cackey after effect! I bought this because I saw someone on IG using it and it slicked her brows straight up and held them. I used this and it just makes my brows look amazing.” – Carmen I.

“As you can see the top photo, I have some missing hairs at the top arch. With just the gel alone, before I fill with an eyebrow pencil, you can see that I was able to move some hair to fill in the empty spots. This is my favorite now!” – Emah G.

• Perfect 24 Hour Contoured Brows
Has a 4D contouring eyebrow texture, available in 3 colors transparent, black, and brown to choose the appropriate eyebrow gel according to your favorite eyebrow color!
• Efficient Equal Eyebrow Filling
Adopts a gentle and non-irritating formula that can evenly fill brows. Perfectly made to give your eyebrow makeup more natural and long-lasting, allowing you to get thick, natural and fluffy eyebrows.
• Long Lasting Smudge-Proof & Waterproof Gel
Keep your brows in place all day long with its 24 hour water-proof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof resistance. Easily attain the fluffy brows and make your face more three-dimensional.


• Skin Compatibility: All Skin Type
• Colors: Transparent, Black, Light Brown, Brown

• 1 PC/ 2PCS/ 3 PCS x Brow Styling Tinted Gel

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