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ClearEye Ionic Massaging Eye Cream

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ClearEye Ionic Massaging Eye Cream

Pamper your eyes, rejuvenate and replenish to get rid of that dark circle!

Here are our verified client’s results about this product:
“Goodbye dark circle! Since I started using this eye cream I noticed my under eye area is very clear now just after 3 months of regular treatment. I use it only at night can’t believe my under eye has changed so much since I purchased this product. ” – Zoe W.
“This product goes on my under eye after using it 3x a day in the morning and midnight. I don’t see the tired and saggy look anymore. Will definitely buy it again! ”
“I love it, it keeps my eye area firm from sagging and I have seen better hydration after applying it around the bags. I appreciate that it eliminates my wrinkles and felt comfortable.” - Carolyn F.

Why do I have crow's feet/eye wrinkles at 25?
Fine lines, dark eyes, and wrinkles in your early twenties are down to lifestyle and managing. As you age, many fine lines may turn into wrinkles as skin loses elasticity and firmness. Lack of sleep can trigger both puffiness and dark under-eye circles as well as dehydration can make your eyes look saggy and sunken.
ClearEye Ionic Massager is a game changer in the Korean market, this is why all Koreans have youthful looking eyes. Designed with high frequency sonic vibration, it helps to infuse the eye cream to the lower layer of connective tissue and double up the smoothing effect.
Powered by Glycerin and sonic vibration, it deeply hydrate and prove to be one of the best non-ablative under eye wrinkle treatment that help get rid of dark circles and leaves your under-eye skin fresh and smooth.

  • Zero heat or pain, transferring light energy into cells deep down to reverse the signs of aging. 
  • Smooth our under eye wrinkles & fine lines
  • Increase blood circulation to de-puff eye bags and relax the eyes.
  • Oxidize, illuminate dull and rundown eyes
  • Boost collagen production to improve elasticity 
  • Helps to open your pores for better absorption

Key main ingredient:

A natural, fatty substance that combats loss of elasticity, thinning, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and dryness of the delicate skin in the eye area to regenerate fresh new skin cells.

Ok, so I bought this because I'm in my late 30's and I'm trying to take better care of my skin. I can see the dark and fine lines forming on it now and it starting to bother me.  I never really had an eye cream routine and thought it would be a good idea to start.
I'm a major fan! I saw major changes about a week after. The lines around my eyes have disappeared.  I put it on at night, before bed, and when I wash my face in the morning. I am freaking out of joy, my lower eyelids have completely reborn!
“Lovely smoothing eye cream!  Would purchase this eye cream again as it definitely works for puffy eyes and dark circles!  I hadn't noticed how saggy my hooded eyelids had become until they were almost wiped away. One of the best eye creams I’ve used and definitely recommended.

  • Smoothen Wrinkles
  • Eliminate Dark Eyes & Puffiness
  • Sonic Use, Relaxes Tired Eyes
  • Replenish Skin, Healthier Glow

Easy Application:
1. Gently apply  minimal amount of product under eye
2. Spread evenly on the area
3. Gently massage and leave 60 secs
3. Effectively used 2-3x a day for better results

  • Skin Compatibility: All skin type (under eye)
  • 1 PC/ 2 PCS/ 5 PCS/ 10 PCS/ 20 PCS x ClearEye Ionic Massaging Eye Cream

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